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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  December 25, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> good morning, merry christmas, today is thursday, december 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer in for ukee this morning, we start things off, a check of your forecast with katie. rainy one, katie. >> it is at least to start things off, guys. we are, however, specking skies to brighten up niceliment and merry christmas to you, certainly storm scan3 has been lit up like a christmas tree for the last 24 hours, continues even still to produce some rainfall. but notice, most of it, starting to pull out to sea, that's some good news, right? we are still left with few lingering showers, true back edge to the frontal boundery, now visible, though. all do you have do is zoom it out once. see how skies clear very nicely, back into central pennsylvania. so that's what we are awaiting
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right now. still generally, if you have seen the rain stop, we will see skies brighten up nicely. let's have some fun, shall me? in rudolph, ohio today expect the daytime high, snow kentucky, no snow, high of 44 degrees, out in comet, north carolina, might be one of my favorites, 50 degrees the expected hi, bit further inch lan here, we're out in snowflake arizona, 56 degrees the expected hi, donor, california, 24, of course, higher up there, and chilly day in and the letters, north -- antler north dakota temperatures definately mild, but seeing the breeze kick in, too. it may make it feel ever so slightly cooler than the thermometer reads as the day goes on, not a harsh wind out of the northwest, it is a stiff breeze out of the west, but we are spec to go see gusts even peak as high as 40 miles per hour here today. down the shore, in philadelphia, up in the mountains, expecting just a generally miler than average day, with skies starting to clear, and that wind also
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kicking in. we are still expecting showers to linger and the linc err lasts out at the shore points. >> beautiful weather by the way coming up for tomorrow and saturday, and eventually, another cool-down. but we can hang onto few more days it looks like of some milder air. nicole, back to you. >> on this christmas day, thousands every philadelphia's fateful will come together to celebrate the birth every jesus christ. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at pennsylvania's largest catholic church, the basilica for saints peter and paul in philadelphia. good morning, merry christmas. >> erika, nicole, merry christmas, the next christmas mass will happen here in just about an hour, here at the basilica of saints peter and paul, behind me here the doors actually just opened up. there will be other services, at 10:00 and noon, as well. you know what, a loft people really look forward to tradition for the midnight mass across the world, certainly the case also here in center city earlier this
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morning. from the music to the message, basilica of saint peter and paul in philadelphia is filled with the christmas spirit. and packing the pews, philadelphians looking forward not to what's under the christmas tree but who is around it. >> and i just moved back to the area. so i'm glad i can be with my family this evening, and in holiday season. >> just like to relax with family and friend. >> in time for families so gracious. >> of course family always a theme on this holiday, but specially so, when archbishop charles chaput message this year with the worlds meeting of families just around the corner and papal visit on the horizon, family will remain the poke us in 2015. >> we went to jest ooh i can college, big fans, went to holy cross, in massachusetts, so we just think the jesuits are crazy and fun, and yes, we loft jesuit pom pope. pretty pumped he will be here. >> something to be excited about, not only for these devoted but for the entire
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city of brotherly love. >> i think it will definitely boost the moral, you know, just for to be able to see the pope in person. >> i think he's been, you know, a great breath of fresh air. >> now there is will be the pope's first visit to the us. in the meantime, the archdioces really stepped up planning for this vets, figuring thousand buy and sell more than million mass booklets, also trying to figure out where to put more than a million visitors. reporting live outside of the basilica of saints peter and paul, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". pope francis delivered his christmas day blessing to the thousands of people gathered at saint peters square, and many more watching around the world. in his christmas eve message, the pope condemned this year's brutal religious persecution in the middle east, and called for an end to violence against vast members of the children. >> ♪
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>> catholics crowd intoed st. patrick's cathedral in new york city. timothy dolan said hello to mayor bill de blasio at midnight mass, also greeted andrew cuomo. at st. patrick midnight masker, so popular, you need to reserve tickets ahead of time. 70:00, a partial building collapse sent two beam to the hospital. left 11 others homeless on christmas eve. it happened around 9:00 last night at this home on 100 block of west roosevelt boulevard in olney. we're told five adults inside at the time made it out okay. two people went to the hospital with minor injuries. "eyewitness news" spoke with a woman who says she lives inside. >> just hanging inside. i heard allowed boom. that's it. and then i just look out the window, and we came down, i came down, and that's when we couldn't come back to the house. >> l & i is investigating what may have caused that collapse. the red cross is assisting six displaced families.
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investigators are look through surveillance video for leads on the driver who hit and killed a woman in northeast philadelphia, and kept going. philadelphia police say that 33 year old theresa pozzi was crossing state road in holmesburg when hit by a truck on tuesday night. pozzi's family has this message for the person who hit her and the people who tried to help her. >> these women or men who ever were there to not leave her alone, thank you. for the person who knew they clearly hit her, you are heartless, you are cruel, and god will make his way to you who ever you are. >> police say they're looking for a late 80s or early nine's dark-colored pick up or tow truck that's miss ago headlight. and, 89 year old man is in stable condition this morning, after a car crashed through the lobby of a nursing home in delaware.
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police say the man was pinned between a wall and an s.u.v. three others suffered minor injuries. it happened at the coaxberg village nursing home in hokessing. investigators are looking into that crash, but they say that alcohol was not a factor. and, happening today, it is the annual re-enactment of washington crossing the delaware in bucks county. the re-enactment commemorates washington crossing on christmas night, 1776. a turning point of the american revolution. today's re-enactment festivities begin at noon, and the cross something scheduled for one. along route 32, in bucks county. right now, 7:07 on christmas morning. and off to a soggy start. katie has your forecast, when we come right back. >> plus, another ebola scare, lab technician is now being monitored for a possible accidental exposure to the virus. >> then, new this morning, seth rogan makes surprise appearance as the interview hits theatres. we'll tell you where you can catch it locally.
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first, special performance from the philadelphia's boys choir choir and chorale. >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> hi, i'm sam o'brien, here in turkey. i want to say hi to my dad and my sister and the rest of the family back in pennsylvania. hi, guys, merry christmas. >> ♪ >> well, new this morning, actor seth rogan makes surprise appearance at la movie theater screening of the interview. rogan and his producing partner, thanked the theater and fans foray tending that smoke. so, obviously, sony decided not to let a hack attack and threats side line their controversy did i come
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bye did i after all. >> now in select theatres. don champion tells us where you can catch the most talked about movie of the season. >> take him out. >> you want us to assassinate the leader of the north korea? >> yes. >> what? >> across the country, these remembers playing the film the interview. >> i kept seeing the trailer in the theater, i really wanted to see it. >> zonally originally shelved the film when larger theater chains said they would no-show it, because of terror threats against movie-goers made by hackers with ties to north korea. in a stunning reversal the company released the if i many as planned today. saying it chose to stands to up those who tried to suppress free speech. president obama who criticized the original decision praise the the move from hawaii. >> i'm glad it is being released. >> cinema village here at new york city just one of hundreds every independent these that's agreed show the interview, sony also made the film available on line. this group sat down to watch the film in the news room of
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our cbs stays station in san francisco, reaction was mixed. >> north korea should lighten up. they should have watched the movie before they did all of the nasties that they did. >> after watching it i can see why sony maybe didn't want it to be released. >> they hate us because they anus. >> people who would rather watch it this christmas day can do so on variety every video platforms including google play, microsoft xbox video for a fee. don champion, "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". >> and if you are interested in checking out the film only one theatre in our area is showing it. the pen cinema riverfront in wilmington. forecast, first, christmas eve tornado has hit new hanover county north carolina yesterday. leaving behind widespread destruction. winds reached 105 miles an hour. the national weather service says the twister was on the grounds for only couple of minutes, but it left behind
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plenty of damage. one person suffered minor injuries. no weather like that around here, though, thankfully for us, katie, it is warm, and still kinds of wet out there? >> absolutely still damp outside, erika, the very same storm in fact that brought the severe weather was the very one that struck us obviously, and we really can be greatful that we were dealt such a glancing blow from it. but let's take a look at the mild christmas that we have this year. you know, yesterday, was an interesting day, as we ended up with nothing but clouds, rain, all day long. we still manage today hit 64 degrees, and it happened at about 8:30 at night. interesting stuff for late december. but now the temperatures are starting to fall back a notch here. even though it will still stay above average with every passing hour, we start to see the temperatures drop. so, let's take you out there. storm scan3, still showing some signs of life. we continue to find some additional showers, but the bulk obviously has since moved away. and a very well defined back edge to the front itself. so, even though there will be residual clouds, you will start to see the sunshine as the day progresses here, and
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the sun just about ready to come up in the next five minutes or so. 51 degrees our current temperature at the airport, we have been obviously off to mild start, but, we were flirting with 60, when we went on the air on sister station cbs-3 earlier, so certainly seeing the decline take place out there. but still above average. we expect low 50's, at best here today, essentially with every passing hour already hit the daytime high. so it later get, the cooler it gets, the blustery conditions are going to stick with us pretty much all day too. let's take you through your eyewitness weather seven day forecast. temperatures continue their decline, drop off to the 30's later tonight, still breezy for us, but bright, sunny, lighter winds to go with it here for both friday and saturday. so some really nice and mild days, too. we head into sunday, still above average, with highs in the low 50's, but will be a shower, it comes with the next cold front. well, not the strongest colds front we've ever seen, knocks our temperatures back to reality, back to the low 40's then as a result for both monday and tuesday, but that's where we should be. so we're certainly looking at
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some basically being spoiled for the next couple of days. >> 60s in december, i almost didn't want it this morning. >> the one time. >> the one day. >> crazy talk. >> i know, i sounds crazy, but -- >> i get it. >> that's why i wore my white dress, that's the white he is we'll get on this christmas. >> thank you, katie. >> right now 7:18. and if you have any carmel apples? your kitchen, three's on your side with an important recall. happy apples is recalling some apples because they could be contaminated with listeria. so far those apples have been linked to five deaths, at least 29 illnesses, sold at stores in pennsylvania with best buy dates between august 25th and november 23rd. a mistake in a lab may have caused a pogs new case of ebola in the u.s. this time a cdc lab technician is being monitored after possibly being expose the to the virus. officials say the person may have come into contact with the live virus while working in a secure lab in atlanta.
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the work is her not showing any symptoms, but will be monitored for 21 days. still ahead this morning, oh, this is so sad, a real life grinch stealing presents in a normally quiet neighborhood. >> and didn't just rob from under their tree. so terrible. but first, here's a look at what's coming up tononight on the "cw philly".
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the sounds of the season. >> love it. >> every year volunteers do their very best to make the holiday special. >> this year's celebration of the spirit here in philadelphia. meals were provided for dozens of families and homeless in center city last night. 1100 block every spring garden street, gifts were also given out to children. >> it was really awesome that as i was up there serving food, i got to watch them open the gifts. and they have no idea who it came f i think that's the best part about it, to see how happy they were. >> chosen 300 will also is her after holiday dinner at its west philadelphia location on lancaster avenue on friday. well, they weren't the only volunteers hard at work this holiday. >> that's right. philadelphia's most talk about little leaguer helped spread
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holiday cheer, as well. mo'ne davis of course put down her baseball gloves to play one of santa's elves. it is all part of operation holiday help. toys were delivered to seven families in need in south and southwest philadelphia, and i bet they were so excited to see her. >> oh, no kidding. >> the biggest local celebrity right now. >> she really is. >> she has a lot going for her. >> nice to see she is not just enjoying the game, but also giving back to her community, well rounded kid. >> just a god girl. we'll take a short break and be right back.
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>> good morning, i'm nicole brewer. merry kit mass, it is the holiday, but certainly doesn't feel like it, right, katy? >> definitely not when dealing with this casino of warmth outside. it feels more like april than anything else, when we talk about the temperatures that we've experienced since yesterday, and as we continue to find out and about here in our area. we're easily in the 50's, at least upper 40's, in many locations, but we are seeing signs every transition out there, my friends. as we start things off by taking you out to storm scan3, you can see the very badge edge of the cold front now indicated not necessarily by the rain, rather, the cloud deck. you see thousand just sharply cuts off back through williamsport in the last hour and a half. so that's what needs to cross through before we can say, okay, we can wipe our hands
7:27 am
clean of the storm and we're done with it. but, because we are still in transition mode, as i like to call it, the winds will be kicking in, notice, at any time today, and the temperatures will plummet or bottom out i guess would be the best way to put t but they'll n gradually falling. even though we ends up with some sunshine, skies starting to brighten up, it is going to start to turn cooler, tan will be a good excuse to break out your ugly christmas sweater and wear it with pride here. we look forward to the forecast both friday, saturday, featuring sunshine, and it does appear as though we'll see next round of showers come in with yet another cold front. nicole, back to you. >> any opportunity to wear the ugly sweater, katie. next update at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, looking at the i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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>> good moving, merry christmas, christians celebrating the birth of jesus christ. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at church that will, see the basilica with more on today's services,
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good morning. >> erika, nicole, good morning. merry christmas. the pews will be pack very soon, here we, are just half hour away, from the 8:00 christmas mass, here at basilica of saint peter and paul, also mass at ten and 12:00. but you know what, a huge is the midnight mass, certainly the case here earlier this morning. you can see how pack the pews were. overnight, many people we spoke with are looking forward to spending time with family this christmas, and family was the main topic of area bishop charles chaput midnight mass, usually on this holiday. but specially snow year, at philadelphia prepares for the world meeting of families september for september 2015. along with that far course comes historic visit by pope francis, with a papal mass on the parkway. now, the archdioces has also kick the planning into high gear tackling issues from buying and storing millions of mass booklets to housing and transportation, for more than a million visitors t seems this christmas, philadelphians
7:31 am
couldn't be more excited. take a listen. >> we went to a jesuit college, big, big friend and fans. we went to holy cross in massachusetts. so we just think the jesuits are crazy and fun. >> also jesuit pope. >> yes, love the jesuit pope. pretty pumped he'll be here. >> the first visit to the u.s. by pope francis. next christmas mass happens at 8:00 just half hour away now. reporting live in gender city, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw" fill. >> i jan, thank you. waking up on a warm christmas morning, we have some rain to talk about, too, kate. >> i we certainly do. thankfully i can report there is back edge to the rain. that's visible now, and actually already crossed through some of the delaware valley, erika. good morning, merry christmas everybody. still finding wet weather out there. so we start things off in fact by taking you right outside. i want to show you the view as we face west there is system moving through from west to east. so if you look to the west, you can see there is a back edge to the cloud cover, well off in the distance, but at
7:32 am
least no fog this time around. and that cloud deck is high enough up in the atmosphere, we don't have to worry about visibility problems this morning. but it is still damp out there. so, let's take you next to storm scan3, which as you might imagine is still showing some signs of wet weather, all just rain showers, so folks, remember, just way too warm. even through last night, we saw temperatures that sky rocketed into the mid 60s, and now, they are starting to slowly drop off again. but the wind is also kicking in. so this is essentially day of transition, skies start to clear, we start to dry out. fifty-one our current temperature at the airport, 45 in allentown, and we are seeing these temperatures, just gradually fall as the day progresses, fell pretty well though since the sun has come up. and from when we were gist first going on air three hours ago, on our sister station cbs-3. let me take you through what the rest of the day has in store, generally talking low mid 50's by 9:00 a.m. we will gradually drop those thermometer readings through the course of the day. the wind, however,.
7:33 am
>> enough easily to send your favorite christmas decorations, flying down the spree, if it is not secure. so make sure everything is sitting okay, and settled and secure on your lawn here, but we do expect at least to see the sun and it is going to be running theme for us down the road here too tomorrow, saturday, all looking lovely, and with less wind the next two days, too, we can bank on pretty pleasant weather, guys, we send it back to you. >> thank you, police in chester country looking for the grin how much stole christmas gifts. two families say they feel violated after thieves broke into their homes in paoli and stole presents from right underneath their tree early yesterday morning. paul and barbara simmer say the thieves left boxes with clothes behind but took the more expensive gift. their neighbors presents were also stolen, along with his
7:34 am
car. >> for the people that stole them, i would have given the present to him. if they were that desperate for him. not good. >> new the jewelry boxes, because even though they were wrapped, they took all of the watches, earrings, that sort of thing. >> investigators say, that stolen car is a 2008 black bmw with pennsylvania plate hrh 4478. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. >> well, despite the holiday, demonstrators continue to clash with police in berkley, missouri after a white police officer fatally shot a young black man. protesters held a vigil at the gas station where antonio brown was shot late tuesday night. authorities say surveillance video captured the 18 year old pointing a gun at a police officer during a confrontation. the shooting has reignited tensions that have lingered since the death of michael brown in neighboring ferguson. central bucks west high school guidance counselor will not face charges over a facebook post.
7:35 am
the quote on mary kate's page said if my child cannot get to the eagles game due to protesters, ill personally shoot everyone of them. you have been warned idiot. it was directed at protesters upset with grand jury decisions in ferguson, missouri and new york city, who were staging a die-in outside lincoln financial field. now, the montgomery county da tells "eyewitness news", that the post was quote ill-advised but not criminal. blank end berg on paid leave. >> well, this morning, children are finding out what santa left under the tree. very exciting. >> and no surprise, a lot of children asked for toys for christmas, jill wagner found out which ones were the most popular. >> ho-ho-ho. >> it is the stuff christmas memories are made of. >> say cheese. >> a photo op and a chance for kids to deliver their christmas wish list straight to the big guy himself. >> i want a bike. >> a xbox.
7:36 am
>> a robot and a soccer ball. >> and after weeks of listening to kids rattle off their requests, santa says there is a definite trends. >> froze send really hot. >> santa certainly knows best. the national retail federation found frozen merchandise is the number one gift for girls this year. pushing barbie to second place, for the first time in more than a decade, for boys, leggo rains supreme. >> leggo ship and a leggo city. >> but it is not all about toys and gadgets. >> what's your favorite part about christmas? >> spending time with my family. >> but most kids tell us the best part of christmas is still the presents. >> a barbie doll? >> okay. >> in new york, jill wagner, cbs news. >> you know, i can remember ac kid. and i was in the third grade. and all i wanted was a rub a dub dolly. and i got it that year. and i thought it was the most
7:37 am
magical thing. >> i felt the same way, second grade, i got a puppy. i woke up in the middle of the night and heard the whimpering, crawled down in the middle of the night from the bunk bed, ran out to the kitchen. my mom found us sleeping together curled up. my favorite christmas. >> so many great memories. >> so true. >> we'll take a short break. >> first though sounds of the season from the mount st. joseph academy choir. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> here in turkey, i want to say hi to my uncle fury and all of my friend back in the south jersey area. hey, guys, miss you, merry christmas!
7:43 am
>> muscles off month long christmas surprise, hope to make this holiday special for children, who otherwise, might not have much to celebrate. >> finishing touches on 234 stock innings. >> for 24 kids. all of whom live in a extended stay hotel, in blue springs. >> and are about to get an incredible christmas surprise. >> it is not the north pole. but right now, it is pretty close. the garage is a staging area for more than 150 toils for kids as young as old, as old as 16. none what's coming or their santa claus is a thirds grader. >> when eight year old alley saw some of her classmates getting off the school bus not at home but at a hotel this fall, she new she wanted to help.
7:44 am
>> so she set to work, using all of the tools available, to an enterprize g eight year old. >> i made a lemonade stands, i made hot cocoa. >> alley's mom ashley said it was the late stunt that gave her christmas dream more than snowball chance of becoming reality at this. >> before it, she had $51. >> the clip went viral on facebook, donations poured in. >> one more i'll never forget, 97 note any cases, it was craze. >> i what did you think when you saw all of the toys out there, wrapped up, that you had gotten for all of these kids? >> excited. >> they'll make their delivery and hope the girl behind the gifts gets something out of it, too too. >> she does not under stands the magnitude. she won't ever i don't believe >> and that's what it is all becomes the christmas season, by the way, that was garrett. >> gift include everything from toys to tablet computer.
7:45 am
>> good gift, there. >> impressive kid. just past clock 43, our traffic, well, we don't need traffic. there is none. let's just get our wetter. >> where we're going we don't need traffic, right? oh, yes storm scan3, we look at the large storm system that's still pulling away, eventually talk about what we've got down the road here, but in essence guys this storm pretty much done. we still have very light lingering shower, but see this line right there, that forms right there on the tail end of the loop? that's the back edge of the front. you need the clouds to break before you can officially say okay, we can wipe our hands clean and be done with the storm. but that's what's going to happen. now the storm still pretty large, still expansive. you know with the snow still falling here, up across portions of canada, and then also all of the severe wet their went on down across the deep south, really dealt glancing glow glow with this, good things are clearing out as they are, but we could have been dealing with so much
7:46 am
worse we letter out today, winds kicks in, temperatures start to fall, tomorrow we also keep some clear skies for you large dome of high pressure keeping control here, so, as that high is in place, we will keep the sunshine and watch to keep the warmth, too. now, obviously things start to change, as we look ahead to sunday, specifically, that's where we start to see the next round of showers moving n and you know, that's early sunday morning i would say generally in the p.m. time frame, the general window for when showers begin to move if for our area. meantime, you can tell by looking outside, kutztown area middle school, that we're starting to see skies brighten up little bit. rain is over in kutztown, future winds speeds, something that won't let up too much. we expect the winds to not only continue to crank out of the west as the day goes on,
7:47 am
but will stay pretty moderate here, 15 to 20 miles per day. later today they start to taper off. looking ahead friday, saturday, nice weather comes our way, we can still expect above average temperatures, again. nicole, back over to you. >> katie, thanks. >> well, of course all of the philly pro teams have christmas day off. six remembers back in action tomorrow night in portland, and the flight back saturday night at nashville. our eagles and their season sunday afternoon in north jersey, against the new york giants. and there are a bunch of nba games today including one featuring labron james and the cleveland cavaliers, play the miami heat at 5:00 this afternoon. now, before, that the wizards and nicks at noon, thunder and spurs at 2:30, the lakers at 8:00 and the warriors and clippers from the west coast, that's at 10:30 tip-off. so lots of games to watch. and hey, spectacular come-back by the central michigan, including this crazy play in yesterday's first ever pop pop's bahama bowl in nassau. once down 42 to 14, they used
7:48 am
last second hail mary, and all of those laterals to score 08-yard touchdown, to get within one point of the western kentucky hilltoppers. but, the they tried for two-point korver sean to win and missed. they lost the game 48 to 48. >> tough loss. >> storms that have hammered southern california have exposed extremely rare fossiles. in the last week alone, one scientist says he's found three of them, on a public beach in santa cruz, marine biologist was stunned to find this rare tooth from prehistoric great white, or a shark sim floor great white. believes as much as 12 million years old. >> this is very smooth and dull. this tells me it is water worn. so this probably came from somewhere up in the santa cruz mountains, erroded, then tumbled down, and made its way to the board walk. >> scientists say santa cruz county a hot bed for fossiles because that area was once a
7:49 am
sea floor, but three fos nils one week. >> pretty cool. that's neat. that does not happy dari. well it is christmas day, also big day at the box office. >> after all of the present are open, we want to head to the move ills. we'll take you behind the scenes at some of the most talk about movies out today. we'll be right back. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®. it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses...
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>> so are you planning a trip to the movies later today, maybe little post ripping open presents, quiet? >> foodonoma? >> big block busters opening today. >> entertainment tonight kevin frazier shows you the interview is not the only movie people are talking about. >> this week meryl streep and johnny dep lead all-star cast into the woods and angelina jolie heads behind the camera to tell the incredible true story of unbroken.
7:52 am
louie was olympian, soldier and most importantly a survivor. his inspiring story of persevere earns drew one of the most game russ women on film behind the camera. >> it was so important to him in his life that he share this message, that he believes so strongly, and he gave all of his life was dedicated to trying to encourage others to see the strength they have inside of themselves, to rise up against challenges. >> i was better than i am. >> how did the stars handle having angelina as a boss? >> great, great. >> good answer. >> yes. >> i think onset the best thing a director can do is create -- build a family around the actors so they feel the team and the support.
7:53 am
>> they're embed in the this musical, so many themes that people can recognize from their own lives, because from fairytales, ancient, ancient cautionary tails. >> both sensitive witch in this all-star fairytale cast including anna, emily blunt, and johnny dep, as the big bad wolf. >> good day, mr. wolf. >> and what might be in your basket? >> but don't expect the same old stories, and characters you're familiar with. >> cinderella just so kind and soft and becomes but my sort of window into her, she is pretty neurotic. so, i can do neurotic. and i can do logical and over thinking and it was, you know, it was daunting singing in that vocal range, because
7:54 am
center ella has some notes. >> ♪ >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. >> all right, lot of good stuff. >> no kidding. >> you can get all of the latest news from hollywood entertainment tonight. catch it tonight and every week night at 7:00 on sister station cbs-3. >> katie has been telling us, way to warm to have a white christmas today, so we will to make our own winter wonder land holiday. >> ♪ >> part of this crazy video, but we want to thank jib jab for all the fun. >> always love these. >> never gets olds. >> so we do get a white
7:55 am
christmas after all. pause on that note. >> hey, dow what i can to help. >> all that fog, and shine that nose, make sure it works. >> we'll be right back. merry christmas. >> oh, hello. merry christmas, we'll be back.
7:56 am
good morning, and merry christmas, i'm erika von tiehl. want to get that christmas forecast, not a white christmas, but wet christmas, katy? >> absolutely, damp at the point. really starting to seat worse of what mother nature had up her sleeve yesterday. start to finally retreat. so yes, we still have what's left of our storm system, namely, from the cold front moving on through. so you're still going to find perhaps couple of showers, generally out toward the jersey shore where we may still find. that will overall skies are starting to clear. let's get you out there. show you what's going on on storm scan, again, the retreat now thankfully of the frontal boundary. once it gets out of here, not just going to completely wipe our hands clean of the system, but it is going to dry out for us. meanwhile, we take you out to middle township high school where the building will be dark for the holiday here today, but we are expect to go
7:57 am
seabright inning up. temperatures gradually fall as the day goes on, the winds will be with you, though, pretty much any time here today. even though we do start to see just declining, and slackening through the course of the night, it will turn colder out there, 36 degrees the expected low, so great excuse to break out a christmas sweater, what do you think? we take you to tomorrow and saturday, beautiful days, low mid 50's, still above average. not shorts and t-shirts, but it is still nice and mild for the standards of late december. but, it is sort of a dose of reality as we wrap up the year. erika? >> all right, katie, thank you. your next update is at 8:25, next on cbs this morning, 10 percent of jet blue flight attendant used to be new york attendant used to be new york city find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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♪ok. then we will do it all together. treats! teets...teets...teets... yeah, look at this! it seems like the best family traditions.... always start in the kitchen. happy holidays from rice krispies.
7:59 am
good morning, and merry christmas, thursday, december 25th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer in for ukee this morning, we check things off with a chick of the forecast with katie. christmas day, not seeing white, seeing wet. >> only white on the outfit of
8:00 am
choice today, that's pretty much it, right? >> just too warm, even those my large big storm system to work with it just didn't provide enough cold air. watching the cold front cross through, temperatures take a lit, but still stays well above average. just the way the pattern is this time around, storm scan3, we start, there eventually put things in motion here. see where the worse every any left over wet weather is currently being found. and that's generally across southern most new jersey even across the bay here, into portions of sussex county, delaware, kent, as well. but, there is a very discontinuing back edge to. >> this back toward harrisburg, see the clouds rolling through in the last few hours? that's what we need to cross through, and then we can say, all right, cold front's out of here, then we start to see the temperatures dropping off too. which they have. i mean, actually started off much milder than this, earlier this morning, in fact, last night, after the sun had long since gone down, we hit our daytime high of 64 degrees. it did in fact make it a daily recovered, at l


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